Welcome! This website is for anyone interested in learning Hindi. I created this website because as a Hindi language instructor, I struggled to find resources outside the classroom to help my students practice, especially beginners! This website is my effort to provide authentic listening, reading and writing materials for all Hindi learners and teachers. I developed each piece out of my own experience of classroom teaching and tried to keep in mind the needs of learners at different levels of learning Hindi. I have made available over 25 short dialogues, stories, vocabulary lists, worksheets and other free materials that can be included in lesson plans or used independently.

In addition, the website also features a few lists of day to day phrases and frequently used Hindi expressions that can be helpful for first time travelers to India looking to pick up some Hindi phrases and quick language tips. Each lesson is accompanied with an authentic audio recording that I made with the help of family and friends. I have also included Hindi and English scripts for all materials. Hope you find this website useful. Happy learning / teaching !

About Me

My name is Divya and I am a native Hindi speaker. I am a translator with TED.com, language teacher, learner, researcher; A language enthusiast in general. I have previously taught Hindi in France and the United States. I speak, read and write Hindi, English and French for now, and un poquito Spanish. I hope to learn many more. I am forever curious about anything related to foreign languages, travel, and cross-cultural communication.